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Through the consistent use of Hair Krack, our customers will maintain healthier hair!


Ms. Ebony Fletcher has 18 years experience working in the cosmetology field. During her tenure as a cosmetologist, she has witnessed the changes and evolution of her industry and possesses the ideal background for managing and innovative business during the years of continued change to come.

Ebony Fletcher graduated from Hair Design Instutite in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 2006. She takes pride and excellence in helping people improve their appearance. She is a business woman and no doubt that her business venture will be a success. She created a natural hair care product in 2009 called, " Hair Krack" which curbs excessive hair loss by reducing Seborrhea (excessive oil screted by hair glands) renewing hair follicles, creating healthier hair & prevents breakage, strengthens the roots, prevents itch and dry scalp.

Hair Krack is designed to induce healthier hair, preventing hair loss and creating a new hair follicular cycle. Hair Krack is a natural base product, using some of nature’s prolific hair stimulants without the use of any chemicals. Our objective is to give a natural base product to consumers suffering from massive hair loss or damaged hair by using products diluted with other ingredients which takes away from their natural base element to promote healthier hair, instantly.  

In 2010, she was the co author for the book called, "Souls Of My Young Sisters: Young Women Breaking Their Silence with Personal Stories That Will Change Your Life". Her story is entitled, "Desperation" on page 48. She speaks about how she survived domestic violence and the aftermath of being shot in her head by her ex-boyfriend.

To read her story: go to www.amazon.com and purchase the book.





Michelle Brown

Hair Krack is the best. It's lightly scented, a little goes a long way, and it doesn't weigh your hair down.



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